In our daily interactions, we mostly only project the positive feelings we have to others. We rarely say that we feel empty or down on Facebook. We almost would never tell a colleague that we feel stuck in a job.

  • Are we lying to ourselves if we keep trying to look positive?
  • Do you feel like having to put a mask on as soon as you wake up everyday?
  • Why can’t we be honest with everyone?
  • Will you think another person as weak or insecure if that person admits to have a problem?
  • Do you not have problems yourself?
  • Or are you just like most of us, projecting a positive persona to suppress the negativity and insecurity you have inside?
  • How long can a person appear happy?

Instead of wasting time trying to be appear positive to others, shouldn’t we acknowledge our issues and find out what can truly make us positive?

Have you ever known anyone who seems to a bright future, and then this person suddenly makes a U turn? No longer interested in climbing the corporate ladder, no more late working nights, no more networking.

Now for this person to have a very bright future in the first place, he must be relatively smart.

But why? Why such a decision? What is it that he knows that he is no longer doing what he did?